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2024 ROC Taiwan Excellence Awards

2024 ROC Taiwan Excellence Awards

We are proud to share the honor and happiness that Dura Flow has won the recognition of 2024 Chinese Entrepreneur Grand Prize, sponsored by Chinese Career Development Committee.

This approach has putting Dura Flow at the heart of pursuing and creating more excellent products for our customers all over the world.

2024 ROC Taiwan Excellent Products Gold Medal Awards

The market has returned after the pandemic and the competition between Dura Flow and global companies has becoming more and more intense. Facing with these challenges, Dura Flow continues pushing our limits and pursuing high-quality, high-valued products for our customers. Hence, we are honored to received “2024 Taiwan excellent Products Gold Medal Awards”, and this excellence outcome would definitely write Dura Flow a new chapter of glory.


105年全國10大傑出企業金峰獎 盛況報導 

2013.10.1~3 TUBOTECH 2013 (Brazil)

2013.10.1~3  TUBOTECH 2013 (Brazil) Exhibiton site pictures:

Grand exhibition                    


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